Waste Management 101 Slides

The 2022-23 IRC Environmental Committee kindly put together some helpful slides about waste management at the Innis Residence and in general. Within the slides there are helpful links to other resources as well; please use this information when deciding where to put your waste!

Waste Management 101

Sustainable Local Businesses

The 2023-24 IRC Environmental Committee has assembled this list of local sustainable businesses for reference; its great for finding local produce, farmer's markets, and other vendors.

Sustainable / low-waste / local businesses:

Farmer’s Markets in Ontario: 

What produce is in season: 

Bookstores: A Different Booklist

Self-care: Ojibway Natural, Common People’s Shop

Food & snacks: Birds & Beans Coffee, Chocosol, Unboxed Market, Ontario Honey Creations 

Clothing: Tentree, Encircled

Zero Waste Shopping: Ecotique, Eco & Amour

This is not an exhaustive list, let us know if there are any others you recommend!