IRC BUDGET 23-24 - Website Version

IRC Budget 2023-2024

To the left is the IRC's 2023-2024 operating budget. This budget was approved unanimously 21-0 at our October 25th, 2023 general meeting.

Changes from 2022-2023 include budgeting for house olympics and suite events separately in order to encourage suite event planning with dedicated funds and to give house representatives and committee co-chairs complete autonomy over their own budgets.

Extravaganza (the move-in day welcome dinner), IRC t-shirts, and Principal's Dinner are all budgeted for retroactively based on the exact amounts we actually spent. These expenditures took place before we formally drafted this budget.

With our planned expenditure and expected student fee revenue, the IRC will run an accounting deficit but a cash surplus for the year, assuming our student fee installments arrive on time. Based on historical spending timelines (and the fact that actual spending usually comes in under budget), next year's council will start the year with more than enough cash for their operating needs and plenty of margin of safety while waiting for their 2024-2025 student fee revenue. 

If you have any questions about the IRC's financial activities, please contact Kyle Newcombe, the IRC President, via president@innisirc.com. Should you have any feedback or suggestions, see our feedback page.