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Record Keeping Project

In early 2022 we began a project to digitize important information that has been kept on paper in the IRC closet. We have several documents scanned, others we have simply typed up the main information from them and left the old documents in case anyone ever needs to use them. On this page you can view some interesting documents from our history. We learned that the IRC began in 1995 (one year after the building was built) and we have a copy of our first constitution. We also have many interesting financial documents, old constitutions, names of old council members, old events and traditions, etc. and you are welcome to look at them all if you would like. Please note that the record keeping project is still ongoing and we expect it will be a long process, so check back here for more interesting information later. We hope you find our history as interesting as we do! Enjoy! 

1995-1996 Constitution

1995-1996 IRC Constitution.pdf

Annual Changes

Annual changes



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Past Council Members