The 2023/24 Innis Residence Council. Not pictured: Tiffany Lee, Raven Stoddart, and Lucas Huang


Juliana West – President

The President is responsible for all the affairs of the IRC and plays a large role in planning and financing events. The President is the official spokesperson of the IRC and chairs all IRC meetings.


Nicole Jacquette – Vice-President Internal

The Vice-President assists the President with their job and fills in when necessary. The Vice-President oversees all committees and house representatives.


Jenny Lam – Vice-President Finance

The Vice-President Finance is responsible for the care and custody of the funds and other financial assets of the IRC, and for making payments for all approved expenses incurred by the council. The Vice-President Finance maintains books of account which shall be made available for inspection by any constituent upon request. The Vice-President  Finance oversees all financed events, including suite events, to make sure that everyone is reimbursed and the budget balances.


Emmanouil Liatakis – Vice-President Social

The Vice-President Social is responsible for the organization of all IRC-sponsored social events. This includes the responsibility for holding meetings concerning social events within the residence. 


Wing Yip – Vice-President Communications

The Vice-President Communications is responsible for the general correspondence and internal notices within the IRC. The Vice-President Communications is responsible for keeping the IRC Constitution and its bylaws amended, and making it available to any constituent. The Vice-President Communications also oversees the Social Media-Marketing Directors.