The 2022-23 Innis Residence Council


Kyle Newcombe – President

The President is responsible for all the affairs of the IRC and plays a large role in planning and financing events. The President is the official spokesperson of the IRC and chairs all IRC meetings.


Albert Tang – Vice-President Internal

The Vice-President assists the President with their job and fills in when necessary. The Vice-President oversees all committees and house representatives.


Dean Yu – Vice-President Finance

The Vice-President Finance is responsible for the care and custody of the funds and other financial assets of the IRC, and for making payments for all approved expenses incurred by the council. The Vice-President Finance maintains books of account which shall be made available for inspection by any constituent upon request. The Vice-President  Finance oversees all financed events, including suite events, to make sure that everyone is reimbursed and the budget balances.


Cindy Lei – Vice-President Social

The Vice-President Social is responsible for the organization of all IRC-sponsored social events. This includes the responsibility for holding meetings concerning social events within the residence. 


Raia Ottenheimer – Vice-President Communications

The Vice-President Communications is responsible for the general correspondence and internal notices within the IRC. The Vice-President Communications is responsible for keeping the IRC Constitution and its bylaws amended, and making it available to any constituent. The Vice-President Communications also oversees the Social Media-Marketing Directors.


House Representatives

House Reps are responsible for building House spirit and encouraging involvement in the residence. They organize the monthly House Olympics among other events, and are responsible for all suite events in their respective houses. Senior Reps are upper-year students, while Junior Reps are first-year students.

First House

Senior House Representative: Kelly Liu

Junior House Representative: Elizabeth Simpson Hillis

Devonshire House

Senior House Representative: Manel Meghrous

Junior House Representative: Elaine Xiao

Taddle House

Senior House Representative: Claire Li

Junior House Representative: Lucas Huang

Vladimir House

Senior House Representative: Isabel Hua

Junior House Representative: Mehvish Ali Khan

Ajax House

Senior House Representative: Braydon Rhody

Junior House Representative: Arunanshu Sarkar

North House

Senior House Representative: Berfin Yalinkilic

Junior House Representative: Vacant

Clubs And Committee Co-Chairs

Environmental Committee

The environmental committee strives to promote environmental stewardship and encourage environmentally sustainable behaviour. We will accomplish this through a variety of active and passive education campaigns, as well as by running events. We hope to educate each resident on various techniques that can be used to reduce their environmental footprint.

Environmental Committee Co-Chairs: Charlie Olsen, Ryan Nguyen

GAME Committee

The Game and Media Entertainment (GAME) Committee hosts a variety of entertainment events throughout the academic year, such as video game tournaments, movie nights, and much more!

Game Committee Co-Chairs: Samara Tower, Ria Gupta, Alyssa Tiw

Fit Club

Fit Club is an aspect of the Innis community where residents of any fitness level can come together and participate in fun physical activities. Not only are novel and creative events hosted with various mental and physical disabilities kept in mind, but it is a great way for residents to meet new people and become a part of the community that is Innis. 

Fit Club Co-Chairs: Juliana West, Raven Stoddart

International Committee

The International Student Portfolio is a group formed to ensure international student representation within the council and to support the international community by holding events geared towards their interests. 

International Committee Co-Chairs: Javid Guliyev, Tiffany Lee

Social Media-Marketing

Social Media-Marketing Team - Zainah Zaheen, Michelle Wang

The Social Media-Marketing team designs and creates posters and promotional material for all IRC events. 


Associates - Vasumann Lohia, Max Ma

Associates are members of the IRC without a specific portfolio; they carry out various tasks at the direction of the IRC executives