2024/25 IRC Applications


We have now opened applications for positions on the IRC for the 2024/25 academic year! You can apply now to the following positions:

Social Media Marketing Director: work to advertise IRC events and initiatives both within the building and online. 

Director of Operations: manage and maintain IRC records and supplies, and help other IRC members run their events.

GAME Committee Co-Chair: host gaming and media-related events and initiatives.

Environmental Committee Co-Chair: host events and initiatives to encourage Innis residents to be more environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Fit Club Co-Chair: host events and initiatives to encourage Innis residents to stay fit, have fun, and promote wellness.

House Representative: Responsible for putting on events, helping put on suite events, and fostering a sense of community and connection within their house. They are also responsible for mentoring the junior house representatives and maintaining a strong system of communication within their house. 

Applications for Director of Operations and Co-chair positions have closed for the all positions except house representative for now. There will be more hiring to come before/after the school year starts. The next round of hiring for house representatives will begin May 20th and applications will close June 4th. 

NOTE: You must be intending on returning to residence for the 2024/25 academic year in order to apply. A position on the IRC DOES NOT guarantee you a spot in residence.

Contact Wing Yip, the IRC VP Communications, at vpcomm@innisirc.com if you have any questions about social media marketing applications. Contact Nicole Jacquette, the IRC VP Internal, at vpinternal@innisirc.com if you have any questions about any of the other applications.

Social Media Marketing Application

All Other Applications (closed for now)

House Representative Applications (open!)


The IRC Executive team