Waste Management

Residence Lobby Pop-Ups

Did you know black plastic cannot be recycled in the City of Toronto? Luckily, organizations like CASE collect, sanitize, and redistribute these containers to restaurants. They have several drop-off locations across the city! The IRC will be running a weekly pop-up to help you save containers from landfill. We will be serving as a "middle man"; you drop off your CLEAN plastic takeout containers and we get them to CASE. Visit us Thursdays from 4:30–6:30 PM in the Innis Residence Lobby.

Waste Management 101 Slides

The 2022-23 IRC Environmental Committee has kindly put together some helpful slides about waste management at the Innis Residence and in general. Within the slides there are helpful links to other resources as well; please use this information when deciding where to put your waste!

Waste Management 101